It beckons to you, its siren song calling from the baking aisle, the candy aisle, the little rack that nearly brushes your hip in the checkout lane. It calls to you, whispering dulcetly "I'm a sexy little bite of chocolate, make me yours. I long to feel your lips' caress..." and so forth.

But you're reformed. You have vowed that you will only feed yourself those things that nourish your body and contribute to your health and well-being. No, get thee behind me, Chocolate, I hear you cry.

Try these. Making them is as easy as winking. These are crunchy in an unusually pleasant way and each one is about eighty calories, with about four grams of fat and about six grams of fiber. Each one is essentially a chocolate coated fiber-pill. For those on Weight Watchers, each one is one point.


12 oz chocolate chips

One "sleeve" of Fiber One cereal, about eight ounces by weight

(alternatively... well, I don't know any other cereals that might work with this recipe. Fiber One is pure bran held together with a minimal amount of fat. Anything answering to this description would work.)


Melt the chips. To make life simple, choose a large glass bowl and melt chips in the microwave. Add the sleeve of Fiber One and stir until the cereal pieces are coated with melted chocolate. Press the mixture into twenty four mini muffin cups, or divide the mixture into twenty four portions. Allow time to cool and harden.

If you are a stickler about chocolate appearance, you may wish to temper the chocolate.

The average adult should consume 22 grams of fiber per day, and each one of these gems provides a little more than 25% of that RDA. Chocolate is rich in antioxidants and is the best natural source of magnesium. Really, you can't afford NOT to eat these.

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