Fairly intuitively, a fresh strawberry dipped in chocolate. The most basic kind is of course just normal milk chocolate. These can be easily made by melting chocolate in a pot until it is liquid--be careful not to burn it--and dipping a fresh, cool strawberry in. If you try to use frozen berries, not only will it not work, I will hurt you. And leave the stems on! You eat it by holding the stem and biting. Then place the berry on a sheet of waxed paper and refrigerate until the chocolate solidifies. Keep cool until you eat them. These will keep for about a day, after that they start to 'weep' and lose much of their good look and taste, so make only as many as you and whoever you are with will eat. Large strawberries that take two to three bites to eat are the best, that's when you get a good chocolate to berry ratio. A smaller, bite sized berry just doesn’t seem to taste as good, too chocolaty, not enough berry goodness.

Other variations include dark chocolate, white chocolate, and "decorative" berries. Usually decorated by dipping the berry in one color of chocolate and painting or drizzling on another color on top. For a blending of the chocolates, do this while base is still warm. For a raised effect, let base cool then add decoration. One of the neatest looking decorative berries is called a "Tuxedo Strawberry". It is first dipped in white chocolate, allowed to cool, and then dipped, carefully, in milk chocolate so that some of the white shows up top to look like a tux shirt. A 'bowtie' and buttons can be painted on afterwards with the same milk chocolate.

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