A type of wizard candy in the book series Harry Potter.

Ron, Harry's friend, introduces him to this candy and shows him the trading cards inside, which Ron collects.

The cards show and describe famous witches and wizards. the interesting thing is that, like all wizard pictures, the people move around, so Harry was suprised to see that the picture on his first card, of Dumbledore, left the picture.

This card also helped Harry, Ron, and Hermione, to find information on Nicolas Flamel and the Sorcerer's Stone.

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"I've got Morgana again and I've got about six of her...do you want it? You can start collecting."
- Ron Weasley, Harry Potter and the Philospher's/Soceror's Stone

The cards that are included with the chocolate frogs are all of famous witches, wizards and other magical folk. Although their magical abilities were not always recognized by the non-magical community. Most people who are mentioned are from mythology and history. The following are all the cards mentioned so far in the four Harry Potter books listed in alpathetical order:

1486-1535 - Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa von Nettesheim, German mystic and alchemist.

In Greek mythology, is a sorceress who lives on an island called Aeaea, near Italy. Circe was able to turn people into beasts. She is mentioned in Homer's Odyssey, she captured Ulysses/Odysseyus and his men.

Celtic Irish goddess of beauty, the eldest daughter of the last Druid of Ireland.

Dumbledore, Albus (Albus Dumbledore)
Current headmaster of Hogwarts, renowned as the greatest sorcerer of the present age.

Grunnion, Alberic - ?

Hengist of Woodcroft - ?

Wizard who famous for his role in the King Arthur chronicles and myths. Tutored the young Arthur and helped him establish Camelot.

Morgana aka Morgan le Fay
Famous Witch Morgana, was another figure in the King Arthur legends. Morgana was the child of the Duke of Cornwall and Igraine, the woman Uther Pendragon seduced to have Arthur. She is Arthur's half-sister and is considered his enemy at times but can be told otherwise, such as in Mists of Avalon.

Alchemical genius. Auroleus Phillipus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim, known as "Paracelsus," was born in 1493.

Claudius Ptolemy, born c. 85 AD. Geographer and astronomer.

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