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You won't understand most of these. I will. I'm noding it anyway, sue me. Serious brownie points if you can identify any of them.

"Your urgency is not my emergency."

"Well if we took the bones out, it wouldn't be crunchy now would it?"

"Where is the elevator, Mr. Elevator Man?"

"This test would be a lot easier if it was in English."

"They've got Winnie the Pooh up on the firing line...he's refusing the blindfold!"

"I just drank three litres of cock...THAT WAS A TYPO, I MEANT COKE!!!"

"State your problem now!"

"Comment tu work this thing? Vous put the money in!"

"Thank you for choosing McDonald's, YOU PIECE OF SHIT!"

"I like to push the pram a lot."

"No, I don't know Spanish...I'll just pick it up when I get there."

"I just want to put that girl on a table and fuck her until she breaks."

"You are false data!"

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