An island appearing in the myth of Jason and in the myth of Odysseus. In both stories the island was ruled over by Circe (daughter of Helios and Perse), who had been exiled there for the murder of her husband. It was on Aeaea that Jason and Medea were married, and later that a group of Odysseus’ men were changed into beasts (swine, for the most part) by Circe.

The primary distinguishing feature of Aeaea is that Circe lives there, in a house made of stone, in a clearing full of tame animals that were once men. She is attended by Nereids and Nymphs, who sort herbs for Cerce’s magical potions (used, it should be noted, for turning people into beasts).

The Romans associated Aeaea with Latium, and placed it not on an island, but on the promontory of Circei (AKA Monte Circeo or Mount Circeo).

As far as I can find, Aeaea is pronounced E-E-ah (where 'E' is a long e). This matches the pronunciation for Aeaean, which is all my dictionary has, and fits the description of the name in some accounts as an ululation.

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