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Chon Ji is the first pattern learnt for the ITF style of Tae Kwon Do. Although it is the first pattern, it is not learnt for the first grading, from white belt (10th kup) to yellow tags (9th kup), which instead requires knowledge of four directional punch, and, for some associations, four directional block, which are not patterns as they have no symbolic meanings from Korean tradition. This pattern is instead required for the second grading, from yellow tags (9th kup) to yellow belt (8th kup).

The definition of the pattern is as follows: "Chon Ji means literally 'the heaven, the earth.' In the orient this is interpreted as the creation of the world or the beginning of human history, therefore it is the initial pattern played out by the beginner. The pattern has two similar sections, one to represent the heavens and the other, the earth."

Chon Ji has nineteen movements, although only three different techniques are used. The first section features low section outer forearm blocks, which represent striking down from the heavens, and the second features middle section inner forearm blocks, representing rising up from the earth.

The movements for the pattern, and its diagram, may be found at http://www.itf-information.com/sub0401.htm. As this pattern has only basic movements, higher graded students must exhibit perfect technique when performing it.

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