When I graduated from High School, I decided that I would actually try the Christian School Experience for once, since I had been public all my life.

So I went to my Mother's alma mater, which was also the school that folks from my church at the time went to... Cedarville College.

It was a huge sheep herd. I stood out so badly, in my black and my frown and my unwillingness to stand and clap and smile with the rest of them.

I was accused of being satanist, gay, and any number of other things. I was told, in my second year, that people had warned others not to speak to me, based merely on how my appearance fit in with how their parents had always told them evil people looked.

The idea that Paul had actually told Christians to think out their religion for themselves had never passed through the brains (let alone the ears) of most of these people.

The idea that people who weren't, say, the same denomination as them still might not be going to hell was fairly alien.

The fact that you could buy marijuana in town (or be propositioned for it if you wore a trenchcoat) was beyond the ken of many of its inhabitants.

And when the head of the school made the speech that those who didn't appreciate the perfect atmosphere of this school (that covered up a rape for appearances sake) should leave and make room for people who truly appreciated it...I did.

Why is blind acceptance such a widespread factor? Why do so many parents let their televisions or computers be their babysitters? Why do so many of us vote by party rather than issue?

Because people are lazy, and would rather be told what to think rather than thinking for themselves, for the most part... and the majority of official church teaching teaches the comfortable, easy stuff, and ignores the hardcore information which truly lives in the brain and institutes a life of passion in Christ.

But that's just my opinion. And I can't close my eyes...

also, sheep that have been converted to christianity,
St Francis of Assisi was renowned for converting animals.
Often the animals, so taken with the story of
Christ giving up his body for his followers
would follow suit, and request that they be eaten.
The most tasty lamb chops are invariably those
from a devout carcass.

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