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Please Smile My Noise Bleed


2 songs, 1 interlude by Múm and 6 remixes by Styrofoam, Isan, Phonem, Christian Kleine, Arovane, and B. Fleischmann.

Between the release of Yesterday Was Dramatic, Today Is OK, and Finally We Are No One Múm released two remix albums during the year 2001. One of these albums, "Mum:remixed", consisted entirely of remixed songs from Yesterday Was Dramatic, Today Is OK alone, while the other, "Please Smile My Noise Bleed", contains not only remixes, but original content as well.

The first two tracks on "Please Smile My Noise Bleed", 'On Old Mountain Radio' and 'Please Sing My Spring Reverb', are original pieces by Múm. With these songs Múm pools together the best of both their full-length releases. With a rhythm section more reminiscent of their work from Yesterday Was Dramatic, Today Is OK one could see these songs fitting in nicely on that album. However, melody and harmony exposed on the tracks show the bands progression to what would become the fuller sound obtained with Finally We Are No One.

Track five on the disc is also an original piece by Múm. Titled 'Flow Not So Fast Old Mountain Radio', the song is devoid of any rhythm section, and is made up primarily of breathy synths and rumbling bass. As with the other two original songs, this track shows where Múm will eventually end up with their sound.

The other remaining tracks are remixes done by various Morr Music artists. Even though the remixers are primarily attacking one song, Please Sing My Spring Reverb, each gets completely different results with their mix. Not only does this make Please Smile My Noise Bleed a highly enjoyable compact disc, but it also gives profile to different musicians and their great talent.

The Remixes:

3. please sing my spring reverb styromix (5.39)

This ever-progressing remix by Styrofoam takes a very unique look at Please Sing My Spring Reverb. Somehow, someway, Styrofoam manages to turn Please Sing My Spring Reverb into an anthem that could easily be the opening to a 1980’s detective flick. Perhaps it’s his choice of synth sound, or the pounding bass drum, I’m not sure, but whatever it is it works incredibly well.

4. please sing my spring reverb i.s.a.n. catena mix (4.23)

With the addition of a slightly different bassline Isan gives the song a much darker tone, making you feel as if you’re being chased down a deserted alley by some unknown creature. This mix is also drastically shorter than the original, which helps in many ways. It also has a different ending, with some splendid noise.

6. please sing my spring reverb phonem mix (6.41)

Taking a while to develop into a full song, the remix by Phonem relies heavily on noise and a female moaning vocal harmony. The stop-go drumming almost takes center stage in this song – at least until an addition synth melody is added toward the ending - which isn’t a bad thing in any way, as it is always changing at a rapid pace. However, this is the longest remix on the album, and it does show.

7. on the old mountain radio christian kleine mix (6.14)

Possibly because this remix by Christian Kleine works with a different song it stands out in the way that it does. Then again it could just be because he did such a solid job with it. Either way, it sounds more like a completely new song, with new instruments and everything, and less like a conventional remix.

8. please sing my spring reverb amx (5.40)

Following up the great remix that comes before it isn’t easy, but Arovane does it with ease. Along with the Styrofoam remix, this remix also takes a unique and incredible look at the song. Hard to explain, but if you can imagine Kraftwerk taking up modern day technology, becoming more loop based, and then hiring a live drummer you can almost imagine this remix.

9. please sing my spring reverb b.fleischmann mix (5.29)

This closing remix by B.Fleischmann is an appropriate end to the album. Relying heavily on the aforementioned female vocal harmony, and a set of static drums, this song paints the picture of the departing woman. The ending minute is purely reverbed vocals and is a nice way to end things.

Track List:

  1. On The Old Mountian Radio
  2. Please Sing My Spring Reverb
  3. Please Sing My Spring Reverb Styromix
  4. Please Sing My Spring Reverb I.S.A.N. Catena Mix
  5. Flow Not So Fast Old Mountain Radio
  6. Please Sing My Spring Reverb Phonem Mix
  7. On The Old Mountain Radio Christian Kleine Mix
  8. Please Sing My Spring Reverb Amx
  9. Please Sing My Spring Reverb B.Fleischmann Mix

there go the old mountain days and nights.
by now they have disappeared into a shack up the road.
they say they have developed a technique to split
a noise in half like a fruit bat

and they were kids that
used to sleep at night.

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