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when poise goes pause, where the concrete cracks green moss tracks ere our toe trips or shoe slips against what remains from total noise gone mute.

when flour bleeds yeast.

when cymbals refer to the thing and not the sound. how the horse did step down to hit the hi-hat too late. Or worse: how hoarse that voice not heard but smelt.

where words await some tonsil shift, a cough, a con enough for finger tap to trap the past from postulating (just not so rough) when the cuff does catch, causing gears to grind. when forks grin and go slack. where cheshire crumbles: from cheese to cat to county to silkscreen icon of revolutions wilted in pre-shrunk cotton collapse, where colons hinge: clean sheets, close shaves, constant syndication, pap. where capital lowers the case.

when words will warm hearths capacious given all in all. when wanting wanes the way cranes could build branches for a new bank as easily as caress existing branches built upon this bank of mud. when corrosion yields to erosion.

where sleep may seep from crow's feet like so much sand and hands hide some handsome dreams. when humor harbors the space where tumescent lemurs trace their luminescent tumors, when thought of the thing becomes the thing thought of.

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