This is easily one of the best movies I've ever seen.

It's an italian flick, about this kid- Toto- who grows up in a small village in Italy. He becomes fascinated at a young age with the local Cinema, the Cinema Paradiso. He befriends the projectionist, Alfredo, who teaches him the ropes. When the film catches fire and blinds Alfredo, Toto takes over for him.

Eventually he grows up, finds love, and is banned from seeing her again.

Flash forward- He's now an adult. He's a bigshot movie producer who hasn't been home in 30 years. One day he receives a call from his mother, who tells him that Alfredo has died. He returns to his tiny village and finds the Cinema closed up, about to be demolished.

The whole movie takes place as a flashback, and it's very powerful. I suggest you see it... it's just excellent.

Rating: ****
4/5 stars

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