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Cinnamon Hearts are a popular candy usually available around valentine's day. Cinnamon hearts are around 0.75 cm wide and are in the shape of little hearts (hence the name). They are bright red and stain the tongue in that colour. Spitting after eating enough of them causes the spit to look like watery blood.

Most of those who partake of the joy of cinnamon hearts will tell you of the damage they can cause to the tongue. The candies are very sweet, but burn with strong cinnamon. The strong spice releases endorphins into the brain, causing a pleasureable sensation. (This is also why people eat jalapeno peppers.) For this reason, the addict cannot stop eating the candies, one at a time, for hours on end. The result is gradual numbness of the tastebuds, which can last up to a few days.

But really, they are quite good.

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