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A company that produces high-performance precision linear and advanced mixed-signal chip for storage, communications, consumer electronics, industrial applications and especially Internet entertainment electronics.

They produce brands such as Crystal, Maverick and 3Ci.

The company was founded in 1984 in Silicon Valley. Nowadays the headquather is located in Austin. Facilities are located in Fremont (California) and Broomfield, (Colorado). Also offices in Europe and Asia including Japan.

Cirrus Logic produced many video chipsets for PCs during the 1990s. They were primarily low-end VGA chipsets based on the ISA bus and were common as entry-level graphics accelerators in inexpensive systems.

The most common was the CL-GD542x series, which was reasonably fast, cheap (around $20 for a 1MB card in 1994) and accelerated under Windows 3.1. These cards were also well-supported by XFree86 at the time.

Millions were sold; if you find an old 80486 sitting around, chances are it has an STB Horizon 64 or similar Cirrus-based video board in it.

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