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Citronelle, Alabama is located in Mobile County 25 miles North of Mobile along Highway 45 near the Mississippi state line. Its only zip code is 36522.

Citronelle is part of the Mobile, Alabama metropolitan area, positioned 31.09 degrees north of the equator and 88.24 degrees west of the prime meridian.

Population: 3671.
Land area: 63.216 sq. kilometers.
Surface water area: 0.66 sq kilometers.

You may reach the Citronelle Chamber of Commerce at the following address:

Citronelle, Alabama Chamber of Commerce PO Box 394 Citronelle, AL 36522

Phone: 334-866-7733


Website: Online Highways "Citronelle, Alabama" (http://www.ohwy.com/al/c/citronel.htm)

Website: Key of the City "City of Citronelle, Alabama" (http://www.pe.net/~rksnow/alcountycitronelle.htm)

Website: US Chamber of Commerce Directory "Citronelle, Alabama" (http://www.2chambers.com/citronelle,_alabama.htm)

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