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City Air Terminal (CAT) provides the airport terminal in the city. Generally, such CAT provides baggage check-in in the city, and the passenger then takes a fast train to the airport. The International Air Rail Organization (IARO) says there are over 70 air rail links, some of them provides CAT facilities. Such City Air Termina would generally have International Air Transportation Association (IATA) three letter code starting with "X" indicating it does not actually have a runway.

Some City Air Terminals around the world.

  1. Korea City Air Terminal (www.kcat.co.kr/e/)
  2. Tokyo City Air Terminal (www.tokyowithkids.com/fyi/tcat.html)
  3. London Heathrow Express (www.heathrowexpress.co.uk)
  4. Gardemoen Oslo Express
  5. Sweden Arlanda Express (www.arlandaexpress.com)
  6. Copenhagen Express
  7. Hong Kong Airport Express

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