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BR Class 09 (BR/English Electric 0-6-0 DE)

Locomotives of Class 09 were an improvement over the Class 08, differing only in their maximum speed, which was 27.25 mph instead of 20 mph. Twenty-seven of them were built after the Class 08 series, and all were assigned initially to the Southern Region. All were fitted with high-level air brake connections as required for coupling to Southern Region EMUs and DEMUs. Now, following the breakup of British Rail, they can be found with a greater geographic dispersal.

Additional locomotives were converted to Class 09 standards in 1992-3 for Railfreight Distribution as part of an upgrade of their shunter and trip working fleet. All now work for EWS, and are classified as either 09/1 or 09/2 depending on whether they have 110V or 90V internal auxiliary electric systems.


    TOPS Numbering:  (09/0) 09 001 - 09 026
                     (09/1) 09 101 - 09 107
                     (09/2) 09 201 - 09 205
    1957 Numbering:  (09/0) D3665-71, D3719-21, D4099-104
                     Classes 09/1 and 09/2 were converted from Class 08
          Built by:  BR Darlington, Horwich
        Introduced:  1959-1962
 Wheel Arrangement:  0-6-0 (C)
            Length:  29ft 3in (8.91m)
            Weight:  49 tonnes (metric tons)
    Maximum  Speed:  27.5 mph (44 km/h)
            Engine:  English Electric 6KT
     Engine Output:  400hp (298 kW)
      Transmission:  Electric
    Main Generator:  EE801-8E or E801-14E
   Traction Motors:  2 x EE506-10C
        Brake Type:  Dual Air and Vacuum
       Brake Force:  19 tons
      Heating Type:  None Fitted
Route Availability:  5

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