The Club of Rome is a global think tank largely concerned with world long-term planning, currently headed by Prince Hassan of Jordan. It is most famous for the book, Limits to Growth, published under its aegis in the 1970s, which suggested, with the backing of sophisticated (for the time) computer models, that the world would encounter serious problems in industrial capacity, resource supply, and agricultural production, unless significant changes in policy were made.

Academic urban legend has it that the name derives from a reference to the collapse of the Roman Empire, but the official word is that the name simply comes from the fact that the group was founded in Rome.

The Club of Rome is the subject of significant conspiracy theory from the LaRoucheian right, who place it in the same class as the Bilderbergers and similar shadowy groups of secret masters, noting that the group's membership draws heavilly on members of old aristocracies, and that it seeks to influence global policy-making in cooperation with fellow devil-agency UNESCO. The fact that personal arch-nemesis Henry Kissinger was a member probably doesn't soothe LaRouche's nerves either.

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