Minor American political figure and conspiracy theorist, who can't quite decide whether he wants to belong to the extreme left or right. A staunch enemy of, among many other things, Henry Kissinger, Communism, internationalism, Zionism, aristocracy, the English, the UN, Henry Kissinger, Fabian Socialism, George Bush (junior and senior), the IMF, gnosticism, Henry Kissinger (a Soviet agent with the "personality of a faggot"), birth control, big business, and more or less anything else you can imagine.

LaRouche was imprisoned for a few years during the Reagan administration for tax evasion, and maintains to this day that he was framed as part of a shadowy global conspiracy. He has run for the Democratic nomination for the presidency seven times at last count, unsuccessfully each time. He has a cult-like following and lives out of a fortified mansion/bunker in Northern Virginia.

Howard Hughes without the panache.

An extremely paranoid Pat Buchanan/Ralph Nader hybrid on a crack binge.

In all seriousness I do agree, in part, with his position on Israel (at least until he starts talking about apocalyptic Evangelical Christians being the driving force behind he latest wave of violence). The reasonable part of his position is that Israel is going to get itself in a religious war with the Arab countries of the Middle East, and it will be a war that Israel cannot win. And if the U.S. does not pull Israel off the war path soon, Israel will soon cease to exist, having been wiped off the map by the Arab countries. Which the Evangelical Christians believe will bring about the apocalypse.

If you meet some representatives of his campaign on the street you should stop to talk to them, it can be very entertaining. But what ever you do, don't give them the $25 for a subscription to The New Federalist, which is a basically one giant ad for LaRouche and his views.

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