The CCO (not to be confused with the Christian Coalition) is a college ministry based out of Pittsburgh that operates on 73 college campuses in the tri-state area of Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. It was founded in 1971 by Reid Carpenter, who at the time worked with Young Life in Pittsburg, and Bob Long who was pastor at Bellefield Presbyterian Church, as well as a few others.

One major facet of the CCO's ministry is the Jubilee conference which takes place in Pittsburgh every February, as well as training programs such as the Oak and Acorn week-long student leadership training camp every May and the summer-long Ocean City Beach Project. These serve to empower students in leadership so they can go back to their campuses and spread the Gospel of Christ.

The stated core purpose of the Coalition is, "Transforming college students to transform the world." On their website ( they state that their core values are:

  • All things belong to God.
  • Jesus changes people's lives.
  • We love college students.
  • Faithfulness is pursued together.
  • We celebrate life.

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