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Take a moment and imagine the glory that is camembert cheese...

Unctuous, runny, golden interior, housed in a softer-than-velvet crust. Fragrant of fields of lush grass and springtime.

Now imagine that the camembert has been stripped of its fine, soft, protective crust when the cheese was half-mature, and has been plunged into a bath of fine apple-flavoured Calvados liquor. The cheese was soaked in the semi-sweet alcohol, then removed and pressed into a mixture of breadcrumbs and topped with a meaty walnut.

Allowed to mature for another week, this magnificent creation, the Coeur de Camembert au Calvados, emerges with a delicious bready/nutty coating, and reveals a soft creamy pungently apple-cider scented interior cheese which is perfect for serving with fresh and preserved fruits, and a chilled glass of Calvados!

The cheese, like all camemberts, should be brought to room temperature for serving. The ideal temperature for camembert is between eighteen and twenty degrees celsius. It should, of course, be refrigerated at below five degrees celsius whilst in storage. This cheese is produced by Henry Voy, of La Ferme Saint-Hubert, 21 rue Vignon, 75008 Paris. The fat content of this singular cheese is a typical 45%.

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