Blessed are the sausage makers

German sausages:

Italian sausages:

Spanish sausages:

Polish sausages:

Hungarian sausages:

English sausages:

Jewish sausages:

North African sausages:

South African sausages:

Greek sausages:

Portuguese sausages:

French and/or Cajun sausages:

Chinese sausages:

Japanese sausages:

Dutch sausages:

Unclassed sausage-related items:

PS: simonc's 700th writeup!

PPS: this is not a metanode. /me is not a big fan of metanodes. this is a snapshot of the nodegel.

PPPS: much respect to knifegirl for creating this nodeshell back in E1... and for creating the inspriration for this recent Everything Quest.

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