Salami is a hung sausage consisting of pork and beef. It is said to have been developed in Italy, although Germany also lays claim to its invention.

Salami is always highly spiced, usually with pepper, garlic, salt, chilli, and paprika. Many salamis are rolled in a dry pepper or chilli mixture prior to curing. Salami, due to its very high sodium content, will keep in a dry dark place for months, although once the protective covering is pierced, the remaining portion of the sausage should be refrigerated and consumed within a few weeks.

Spanish Salami is very spicy, as is Hungarian Salami. Danish Salami is milder and leaner. Salami is a delicious addition to many sandwiches, is an excellent ingredient to top a pizza, spices up a pasta sauce when cubed, and is sublime when barbequed over open flame.

See also pepperoni, cabana, cabanossi.

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