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Coeur de Chèvre is a French soft farmhouse cheese made exclusively from the unpasteurised milk of poitevine goats of the Gâtinais.

The cheese is shaped like a loveheart, and is covered in a rich blue/black mold. The interior pâte is soft, light, and sweet.

A charming tradition of cheeses of the Poitou region of western France is to deliver the product to the consumer wrapped in a chestnut leaf. The Coeur de Chèvre is no exception. Coeur de Chèvre is also (occasionally) coated in cracked peppercorns.

The Coeur de Chèvre is aged for eight days (being very firm) to five weeks (when it is at its softest). It is produced during the months of January through September, when the poitevine goats are producing their milk.

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