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Cold Canyon is west of Davis and Sacramento, east of the Napa Valley in the Coast Range of California. It is a tributary of Putah Creek, which it joins immediately below Lake Berryessa. It contains a creek, which flows during the winter and spring, and is dry the rest of the year. The main contributor of water into this creek is Wild Horse Canyon.

Cold Canyon is the site of a wildlife refuge owned by UC Davis. This area contains diverse vegetation including buckeye, western redbud, bay, oak, lupine, cottonwood, and chamise. Many animals, including deer and mountain lions, utilize the area.

To access this canyon, use the turnout near the long bend in the road immediately east of the dam of Lake Berryessa. Across the road to the south there is a closed gate, behind which is a well-maintained trail. The area is beautiful, especially in the spring when the creek is still flowing strongly and the lupine is blooming.

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