A small (about 2000 students) liberal arts with a good Music and Geology depts. Mostly a party school, the college has been slowly attempting to change its image due to the fact that they want to be an Ivy League School (ha!). This has led to a strong split between the students, the greeks, and the administration, who have always shafted the students in some way or another, but that's a different rant...

The College was founded in 1866 by Presbyterians who, as www.wooster.edu put it "wanted to do 'their proper part in the great work of educating those who are to mold society and give shape to all its institutions.'" Wooster opened as a university on September 8th, 1870 with a 5 person faculty and 34 students, only four of whom were women.

In 1901 a fire ripped through the main academic building, destroying it and forcing them to rebuild. Unfortunatly an alumnus who donated a lot of money to the effort didn't like fraternities, nor sororities, and the nationals were booted off campus around this time. Currently, there are four Fraternaties (Phi Delta Sigma, Phi Omega Sigma, Phi Sigma Alpha, and Xi Chi Psi) recognized by the campus, two are not (Phi Beta Kappa and Kappa Chi, who used to be known as Kappa Kappa Kappa until the 1970's), and six sororities, if I remember correctly.

Greeks didn't return to campus until 1917, with Phi Delta Sigma and Epsilon Kappa Omnicron being two of the first to return to campus as local Greeks, and they have remained since.

As a student there, I am unhappy, and I often site the fact that I'm still there is my fraternal bonds and not much more. The teachers are pretty good, generally, tho some are better than others. The administration needs to understand that it's there for the students, and not for the dollar sign. Class size is varied, but usually smallish. The parties are good, that is, all the greek parties are good :^). We don't have much good live music, which is very unfortunate. The food is also the shittiest shit I've ever eaten in my life. They horribly deep fry everything and serve a lot of crappy food, even when compared to airlines, hospitals and other colleges.

Wooster, like most colleges, is a college where anyone can fit in in some way, shape, or form. The student population has always been very diverse and wooster even has a dorm dedicated to its international students. The college also offers a variety of sports and activities to keep one busy. Unfortunatly, the college has a slow, very slow, practically snail like internet connection and a horribly configured network (I'm a cs major too, I can tell these things :^).

All in all, I think I was high when I chose to go here.

Happyness, on January 9, 2002 CoW gave me the boot. I know have to get back into a college that I despise. Needless to say, I think god hates me

I recommend that no one go to this college until the administration change their ways. This college is trying to ruin the college experience. I know several unhappy people at this college and I know most of their grief stems from these assbackward motherfuckers.

Currently waiting to hear from Wooster as to my readmittance. I should hear by the 30 of July. My biggest complaint is how late they let you know what's going on.

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