Colonel Wilhelm Klink of the Luftwaffe. Character from the TV show Hogan's Heroes, played by Werner Klemperer (who sadly passed on, December 2000).

Bumbling commander of the WWII German POW Camp known as Stalag 13. His superiors think he's finally found his niche after being an unsuitable pilot. His record at Stalag 13 is excellent...he has never had a prisoner successfully escape. He is loved by the prisoners for his lenience which allows them to conduct sabotage and espionage using Stalag 13 as their base.

Klink wears a monocle and has a weakness for attractive women. He is a "cringing bootlicker" when General Burkhalter or Major Hochstetter is around.

Klink appeared as a ghost-character on the Simpsons, as someone Homer Simpson would recognize and revere (unlike Isaac Newton, who Homer had never heard of).

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