The Munsell system is the most important colour system and therefore has its own write up, the others are discussed here very briefly to complete the information.

The majority of these systems are based on solid geometrical figures, which are collectively known as colour solids.
- Otto Runge used a sphere to demonstrate his system.
- M.E. Chevreul divided the colours on the basis of a hemisphere: black at the top and white in the middle of the circle and looks like a sliced pie.
- J.H Lambert chose the pyramid.
- Wilhelm von Bezold sorted the colours using a flat-sided cone.
- Wilhelm Ostwald and Ogden Rood on the other hand, both preferred a double cone. Ostwalds picture had white on the top, black at the bottom and the colours in the middle.
- A. Hofler tried it with a octahedron as well as a double tetrahedron.
- Carpentier and Alfred Hickethier got stuck with a cube.

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