Hex triplets are an easy way to specify colours in HTML and other computer programs, as most colours don't have English names that can be readily typed out in long sequences of code.

A hex triplet consists of 6 digits which contain 3 bytes to translate the red, blue and green of the colour in question. An RGB triplet (which monitors use to display colours) translated to hexadecimal format would be a hex triplet.

The RGB triplet, with all the colours ranging from 0 to 255, when converted to hexadecimal format ranging from ff - 00, will begin with the #.

    Here are the basic colours in hex triplet format;
  • Red - #ff0000
  • Green - #00ff00
  • Blue - #0000ff
  • Black - #000000
  • White - #ffffff

The combination of letters and numbers gets you quite a large chart to correlate with the existence of colours themselves.

thanks to raincomplex and The Custodian for making me sound smarter.

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