No one likes the colour brown. For some reason or another, it never got blessed with the visually appealing qualities of it's cousins. In a box of markers, brown is always the colour that is the least used, necessary only for tree trunks and mud.

What happens to all these forlorn and discarded markers? No one knows it, but they have formed a clandestine alliance. They do not campaign for the increased use of their services, nor have they petitioned to God or any other higher being for their incoproration into the hearts and minds of the people; they are quiet, unassuming and very deceptive.

Patience is a virtue; for brown it is a saviour - a saviour from the endless years of oppression and ostracism they have endured with nary a complaint. So they have waited, all these years, but for what?

Many believe that in this society, to be known, one must make an impression, do something noteworthy, or just be notorious. Brown has done none of these things, yet they believe that their time will come. I am inclined to agree.

In an infinite universe, in x number of years, all the popular colours will be exhausted. We will be left with a world of mere shades of gray. And brown. When black, white and everything between also bid adieu to this world, brown will take over supreme domination of the global society that had once deemed it an unworthy colour. Nothing lasts forever, so this is an inevitable situation.

So what can be done about this troubling dilemma? The strongest method of denial is to pull out those brown markers and pencil crayons and use them! Use them till the tips are dried out, use them till you cannot sharpen anymore. If the world could make a joint effort to exhaust the years of secretive sources of brown waiting for their time, perhaps it will not gain this dominance we fear. Maybe all the colours will die together, in one spectacular explosion of light, and the end of an era will be fittingly extinguished. No survivors to influece the future.

It must be a clean slate. Brown must not live to retell the atrocities of our occupation.

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