mornings after kissing boys, whether the kisses were seismic.. or fizzles, drunken grope-ish slug tongue things, i have each time looked in mirrors & seen as clear as daytime - some bright, brilliant green eyes. then of course i feel dazzled and my usually abnormally large pupils become even more dilated, and tend to pulsate, like cute cartoon heart eyes. my lips also turn rouge red, which i suppose is understandable after being used such. i like my features to change colour. ( except my nose ). i have heard about prototype technologies which will enable cosmetics to be heat sensitive & therefore change colour upon your very visage. for instance, your lipstick will turn a lusty crimson with the touch of a kiss, or a streak of silver will follow the slight touch of a finger as it traces your cheekbone.

you see, my eyes are on any given day, quite dark for the shade of green/grey they are. sometimes they are mistaken for a hazel, a shade of brown perhaps.

when i cry, my eyes turn as bright green as i will ever see them. i will come to you wondering, my eyes clear and sad and watery.

on rainy days they turn a mist-grey. i have heard that others' eyes change colour with the weather, like a trick knee.

when i wear my contact lenses, one eye is green and the other, clearly blue. like the man in practical magic.. impossible. when i become excited, my eyes get a manic, electric ring of yellow through their middles. it seems crazy & magic.

i have heard of people whose eyes change colour according to the time of day. brightening with the sun. or being bleached like lemons on hair. if i am in direct sunlight, you will witness my night-black eyes turn to a shade of green/blue so pale it seems alienish, unnatural. my pupils pin-pricks. my irises glittery, shallow seas.

sometimes eyes are known to flicker into a different colour within two seconds.. i imagine when i am standing stark with a new idea ( probably listening to kid a, too ), my eyes turn suddenly epiphany white. it might not be so fantasy. but no one has ever been there to confirm.

it makes no sense as to why our eyes are such little twinkling chameleons. but i will try to make some sense. as well as fantasize.
well i wondered why pictures of my eyes during childhood showed them brighter & glossier. far from being ravaged merely by adolescent nightmares and the loss of wide-eyed innocence, it may be that the sugars and chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis are dulling our colours. it is known that iridologists associate some colour changes with the bodies chemical load. i would love if eyes were more sensitive. if anger translated to clotted rubies for eyes and if a girl in seaside twilight love suddenly had her eyes turn very sapphiric.

if we think of the ocean, for a second.. if we didn't see the sky as blue, would the ocean appear blue? no, it should be clear. perhaps the change of light could either trigger a change in the eye itself or, more plausibly, the way we percieve it.

i am fascinated by the implications of such beautiful & subtle shapeshifting. if eyes are windows to the soul.. does this mean my soul changes? does this mean that after kissing a boy, my soul becomes as clear or as penetrable, as open as my eyes?

as well as eyes being windows however, i also think they are mirrors. mirrors and windows. and we can become lost in a maze of somebody else's eyes, as though they are our own. others' eyes become tools for self reflection and perhaps we perceive their colour to change when it is really our soul changing. maybe when i kiss somebody, i like a looking glass girl, become lost over the other side of the mirror, lost in a game, in the chessboard of somebody else's mind and soul and tongue.

maybe.. maybe alice got lost inside her own eyes, in the looking glass. maybe that's what lewis carroll failed to tell us.

p.s. milla jovovich has the most interchangeable eyes i have ever seen. they are like a supernova.

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