just another tasty treat from the weeknight sound track collection - Monday 3am

' Mad as a hatter minus the mercury. ' He would reply if someone were to so much as question him on the subject of her sanity. Her almost lackadaisical outlook to life made some wonder.

They had fallen in an unconventional kind of love. Her words were simple. Soft, lingering as if music from another room; or the softest brushes of her lips against his cheek. People seemingly had everything back-to-front and inside-out, for it was her words which fed him sanity drop, by precious drop.

3am would long pass before they would elope with the luxury of sleep. She was a sane, yet fragile creature. Time would gradually be filled with the graceful melody of her words.

' We could play pretend. Lets say sleep has already embraced us this night... up, an early for the hope of a brand new day.

We could be lovers, young and new. My lips lingering on the softness of your cheek... remember darling? How I love, your lips curving up at the edges when you smile, once a while.

And how I love when you murmur; then I know it's you. then I know it's me here too.

We would live through the longing that comes upon momentary separation, how that feeling goes stealing...

And sing once more in rapture at how fresh the world lies before our eyes, when we see that the day is new.

Your eyes would sparkle, hungry to take in all the beauty, imagining lightning striking sea sickness away from here.

So many secret rendezvous'... baby, you can creep in and wake me up.

So many nights entwined in each others arms. Erotic rain pouring beyond the window stains the brick a darker red.

And we are each others. Past lovers a distant, forgotten memory. The sound of their breath fades with the light.

You are luminous to me, and I glow in your light, despite the fact that you will never know how much you shine.

I find sleep in your arms... after years lacking. And I realise that your embrace could be heaven right here on earth.

Baby... this is my favorite time. '

Track Listing

(7:16) Edge Hill - Groove Armada
(3:26) Make You Feel That Way - Blackalicious
(4:22) Mr. Gorgeous (And Miss Curvaceous) - Smoke City
(3:55) Barrio - Orishas
(3:25) Rumour Has It - D.I.G/Wicked Beat Sound System
(4:02) Mood Indigo - Nina Simone
(4:29) Suzie Blue - Ben Harper
(3:10) F-Stop Blues - Jack Johnson
(5:07) Highway One - The Waifs
(3:37) She Says - Ani DiFranco
(4:56) Under The Milky Way - The Church
(3:39) 40 Miles From The Sun - Bush
(5:00) Heaven - Lamb
(3:36) Sleeping Where I Want To - Veruca Salt

italics are lyrics derived from the above songs

2am <| monday 3am |> 4am

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