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smooth mellow bass tones whispered in the ear causing a lusty suckerpunch right to the core.

oh yeah. that's the stuff.

trembling fingers and slick lips pursed pulling tugging at clothes

(breathe, keep breathing)

liquid drunken look in the eyes, you are mine now.

drowning out sound and sight, ears under the water the sound of your heart

thumpthumping madly



a perfect drum, close, closer, gone

and it is wild and it is erratic and it is perfect

and it's oh, god and it's don't stop and it's yes, just like that

sheen of bodies, mellow butterscotch raspy tone resonating the perfect pitch -

a moan.

stars and spirals and who the fuck knows what else and god that was so...

and that, and so much more, is what it is to me...

...ya know what i mean?

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