This phenomenon is called "Erase-Eaze" by Compaq. If you read the manual, it says how to re-program this left part of the spacebar:

"To program the Erase-Eaze key for use in other modes, press and hold the Alt+Ctrl+Shift keys on the left side of the keyboard. Then press the left-half of the divided spacebar to cycle through the following modes:"

Table 1-13. Erase-Eaze Key Modes
Mode               Left-Half of            Right-Half of
                   Divided Spacebar        Divided Spacebar
A (default)        Backspace               Forward space
B                  Forward space           Backspace
C                  Forward space           Forward space
"The Erase-Eaze key mode returns to the default mode (A) each time the computer is restarted."

The above is probably copyrighted to Compaq

Note: The above wu was written as a reply to a now gone wu which explained the stupidity of having a split space bar.

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