Sally the super heroine can become invisible. She also possesses incredible beauty. In addition to a flight power, Tom the superhero can speak to many types of marine life.

Tom complains between puffs of a cigarette that the marine life he speaks to does not have any understanding of his true world: the sky. However, the eagles and planes of the sky cannot even speak to him. This disconnection, he says, is what is taking his hairline.
Sally complains to her lovers that her entire being is fundamentally a conflict. When she is invisible no one can appreciate her beauty, and she loses some of her competitive edge. Yet, when she is visible the criminals target her with pistols and steady glares of sexual admiration.

At a time in Tom's life when he felt estranged, he asked Sally to have dinner, a movie and sexual intercourse with him. She replied, without hesitation, that he should carry on an approximation of that process with one of his dolphin companions. Soon after, Sally began to feel a similar apathy in her life. She turned to Tom for comfort, but was rebuked by his claim that the dolphin had given him syphilis and thus he could not be with her. Sally cried. Soon after, Tom sobbed.

Sally has attracted the attention of the president, the chairperson of the super person confederation, and, most recently, several boys from her high school reunion. Sally sometimes reminds herself of this in an effort to anchor her self esteem. There was a period of Tom's life where he carried on an affair with the shop clerk from Abercrombie, the gynecologist of his ex-girlfriend, and a dolphin from Sea World all at the same time. Tom occasionally mentions this list to groups of pelicans in order to console himself from the troubles of crime fighting.

Tom abandoned his relationship with the shop clerk on the basis of her being unable to understand him. She was using him, he argued, for his ability to fly her across town to their dates or "just, whenever she was late somewhere." Their relationship was based on her feeling obligated to purchase this extraordinary transportation with sexual gratuities. Nowhere in any of this, Tom asserts, was any love or understanding of his essential plight.
Sally contends that the chairperson was merely "screwing [her] to get back at the president for cutting funding." Often, she would become invisible during their meetings in an attempt to point out the conflicting qualities of her superpowers. The abashing grimace on her invisible face was remarkably unconvincing to his confused eyebrows.

The chairperson once attempted to explain life to Tom in a short poem. Tom later prodded a coworker with his elbow and revealed with an amused whisper that the chairperson's hidden 'superpower' was an enhanced physical strength roughly equivalent to that of two softball players.

                              Life is what you make it
       The chairpersons poem: Success is when you take it
                              And the way that you can tell is
                              By the feeling of her naked 

At some point after the chairperson and the shop clerk got married, they discussed the plight of Tom and Sally. It was decided that a double date, supplemented with the liberal use of table wine, should occur in a romantic setting in order to promote the chance for connection and mutual understanding.
Upon reaching Sally's apartment, Tom began a lively conversation with her goldfish. In response, she became invisible. Still, success was almost etched out by Tom's hands as they attempted to trace the form of Sally's translucent back, fingertips drawing form with sensual lines. However, a coherent structure failed to manifest, and she slipped away to sit on the bed.
Tom watched enervated as teardrops formed in the space between her hands and face, then fell to materialize thighs. He looked out to the sky and the silent birds.

Sally told all of Tom's friends at the super person convention about what had transpired. In response, Tom apologized via email. Sally replied by purchasing, wrapping, and presenting him with a gift of fish food and then blocking his email address.

                              Forgive me my intrusions, my
                              Underhanded scheming, my
                              Constant bothering speech.
             Tom’s apology:   Keep in mind please,
                              Your indelible beauty, I
                              Only wished to express
                              Unto you my love. 

One day the chairperson assigned Tom and Sally to work with each other on a new case. He also required that they live with each other in an apartment to facilitate their effectiveness at fighting crime. Although Sally refused to allow Tom to keep any gold fish on the premises, she did not mind if he watched an hour or two of the Discovery channel a day. In return, Tom flew Sally to court the day she received a traffic ticket.

Words and phrases Tom taught Sally to say to dolphins:
                              Yes, No, Person, Good Dolphin, I’m Happy, I’m Sad
                              Please ram yourself into the chairperson at a high speed,
                              Here is a fish. 

The apartment they were ordered to live in contained an extensive bathroom with a separate shower and bath. In the mornings, Tom would shower while Sally bathed, albeit invisibly. There was one instance of a near fiasco in which Tom attempted to pass Sally the last remaining bar of soap.

When Tom was requested to resign from the super person association on account of mounting suspicion of his involvement in the injury of the chairperson, he arrived home with a near empty bottle of Burgundy in his right hand, and a hooker named Jeannette in his left.
Jeannette wore a neon green mini skirt and a pink boa, bright yellow stockings and a mauve tank top. Tom argued that she was bright where Sally was dark. Indeed, Sally's mood was very dark; she picked up a sword and advanced on the couple.
Jeannette delivered a presentation describing love as a consensual hallucination, especially that which exists between two crime fighters. Sally frowned, raising the blade and stalking forward. Jeannette continued, comparing the occupation of whore with that of super heroine, concluding that Sally was a victim of the quicksand of identity.
Tom craned his neck to look longingly at the flying fish pictured on the front of his shirt. Jeannette raked her nails overtop the fish's tail. Sally bared her teeth, pointing the sword at the feather boa. Jeannette reminded Sally of the criminals' glares, the chairpersons' hands.

Sally swung.

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