I sense a note of...bitterness...perhaps?

In my limited experience, men who complain about the how women want unfair advantages are:

  1. Privileged members of a first world society that don't really understand female inequality - female circumcision is not a myth.
  2. Confusing sexual frustration with social issues.

Feminism is not about who pays for dinner. It's about women's rights to make their own decisions and determine their own future on an equal basis.

Roninspoon's (me) number one (1) reason why we (humans) will never achieve sexual (gender) equality (equity):

I once dated an extremely intelligent and attractive woman named Maryanne. She was very politically active and respected in our local community. After only a very short time together it became obvious that she was a "feminist". I asked her if she considered herself a militant feminist. She replied, "I'm not a feminist I'm a woman. All women are feminists."

Despite the apparently dichotomous nature of that statement a long argument/conversation -the details of which I have forgotten- helped convince me that what she said was accurate. Did I mention how intelligent she was?

I do recall one part of the conversation. I asked her something along the lines of "aren?t you interested in equality for women?". Her reply startled me.

"No", she said, "women are superior, I?m not interested in being equal."

I know for a fact that Maryanne is not the only women who thinks that way. Therein lies my argument. We will never have sexual equality for the same reason Bi-partisan politics never works quite right. As soon as the democrats gain a majority a few of them start mumbling things like "Now that we're in charge, it's time to make the republicans pay." Systematic down voting of republican legislation begins, until the tables are turned and the balance of power shifts again.

The same is true with the sexes, as soon as women begin to reach the apex of equality the portion who feel wronged by years of inequality will seek revenge by enforcing their growing superiority over the men until the men are the ones seeking equality. Eventually this inequality will shift yet again, supposing the human race lasts that long. This process will take a very long time, but has been shortened by industrial and technical innovations that reduce the reliance upon gender roles for efficient survival. ( by recent I refer to the last two to three thousand years )

I know that some of you will refute this argument by claiming that women wouldn't do such a thing, that they are not as vengeful and mean as men and are not prone to that sort of violent, war like behavior. Despite the many amusing and contemporary examples I could site, these would probably only weaken my statements by lightening the subject.

Instead I offer two historical examples. Boudicca and Joan de Arc. Two women who, despite their reasons and justifications, assumed the role of vengeful warrior and led successful and brutal attacks against those who had persecuted them. These women were excellent war leaders, the compare of any man in both cold blooded resolve and terrifying efficiency, once they had been released from their gender roles.

How silly to proclaim one sex "better" than the other.. first of all you are comparing apples and oranges. Each sex has their strengths and weaknesses. There are places where stereotypically one gender is more suited than the other. I would like to believe the power of the individual is stronger than assumed stereotypes.. and that these stereotypes serve more as a garish characture portrait, than a template.

If you want to be "general" about all of this.. neither sex can survive without the other (shut up about frozen sperm and eggs!) ..

I also find it kind of foolish to divide all of humanity into these two groups.. and use those and accurate gauges.

What ever happened to to individual, and basing our judgements on one's actions and so forth.. rather than on something as vauge as gender?
I currently attend an all girls high school in which I am constantly subjected to warm, fuzzy brainwashing on the status of women. To that end, I currently have an actual class on Women in Jewish Law (did you know that the Bible forbids women from carrying weapons?). And in this environment, I have encountered "feminism" similar to much of the sexism I have just read about in the write ups above. That is,

Women are better than men because they are more sensitive. Because men are cave-bear hunting baffoons.

This is unfair to both women and men. It infantilizes women as weak, helpless children. It degrades men as stupid, oblivious fools. And yet, it is spouted by the so-called feminists who keep Hallmark (think "You go girl!" cards) and Seventeen magazine in business. It should be noted that women such as these are not guilty of hypocrisy in insisting on chivalry from the men around them. But they are destroying their own prospects of a more equitable world, and giving a bad name to legitimate feminists (and confusing more than a few men, as the write ups above indicate.)

This is feminism as I see it:

Women are people.

What a radical concept! The truth is, women are not better than men, men are not better than women, and they are not "apples and oranges". Study after study finds that women’s brains have more highly developed emotional centers than men’s? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I would think that these studies are done on adults, or perhaps children. Has one ever been done on infants? From the moment of birth, the typical child is surrounded by social conditioning foisting upon him/her a proper gender role. If a girl baby is given a doll to play with, and a boy baby is given a gun, who develops greater sensitivity, huh?

One of my best friends aspires to be a paratrooper (in the Israeli army, which has just opened all combat positions to women, finally). Another, a genetic engineer. I am going to be a veterinarian. Not one of us is a militant feminazi (an equally ridiculous contortion of feminism, claiming that women should massacre all men on earth). And not one is a soft, warm and fuzzy “girl”. We open the door, if we get to it first. We pay for our own food. We do not watch chick flicks (whatever those are). Is it so hard to understand?

Incidentally, I once had a teacher who told the class that if she was in a burning building and saw a female firefighter climbing a ladder to rescue her, she'd "jump out the window." I am scarred for life.

I am asexist.

Well, that doesn't really mean anything, except that I hate things without sex? Let me explain more fluently. I deny gender. Sure, I may voice my little opinions about how I hate chicks more often, but I hate dudes just as much. And hell, I wouldn't want to make myself look bad or anything.

I don't like chicks because (in general) they're weak. I don't know why, but in the past years I have not liked this one thing. I don't like that I'm weak either, and that's probably where the whole mess comes from. Probably childhood damage, like everything else. And hell, come to think of it, guys that are totally weak kind of piss me off too.

Wait. I need a position before I go off here, don't I? Ok; I can do that. My position:

If you're going to hate one person, hate that one person, and not the group they are most easily associated with.

I mean, I would know. I hate everything. All I say is "I hate how," "I hate that," and "I hate everything." I don't really hate everything. I just have a tendency to say negative things because I think the positive things are just fine and need no further comment. Maybe that is why people complain about the opposite sex. They see no need to comment on the things they like in general, so they comment on the things they hate in general. I don't know.

When it comes to gender, the following things apply:
  • Physical differences exist. This does not mean all men are stronger than women. It does not mean all women are stronger than men. It means that there is a difference in the way the pelvis is built, there is a difference in the reproductive systems, there is a difference in some gender-related chemistry, and there is a difference in the way the body handles fat distribution. No weakness or strength issues by nature.
  • Mental differences exist. The extent of these are basically that studies show in general that women tend to be better able to focus on multiple tasks at once. Men, however, are better at completing a single task more efficiently. It balances out.
Notice things not on the list. Hell, how about a list to list things not on the first listed list:

Another thing I don't like is the fact that when I hear the word "sexist," I automatically think of guys. That's just not fucking right. But then again, when was the last time you saw a guy complaining about sexist practice? Sure, it's not around as much, but it's around. Just because guys took over the world didn't mean all guys took over the world. I feel in no way in control of anything.

Both genders have weaknesses. These weaknesses, however, are not rooted in gender. They are rooted in that particular person. Fuck stereotypes, fuck men, fuck women, and fuck stereotype fodder, for that matter. I blame Barbie and GI Joe for all of the world's problems. Teach kids that they need big dicks and big tits and what the fuck do you expect?

I implore you; if you have kids or even know kids, give them a math game to play with or something. Something absolutely neutral. And if the kids' behavior don't match up to the stereotypes that say what they should act like based on what they have in their pants, let them choose their own gender. Don't force something unnatural. The world's fucked up enough now. Let's just let the bad gender stereotypes die. If they die, sexism dies. Good night.

How the fuck did I go from me hating everything to kids?

Well, the main problem that I see in this whole sexist "women/men are inherently better" discussion is that everybody seems to be dividing the entire human race into 2 seperate groups and judging them. Even if you COULD rate the two sexes in some numerical way (which nobody has even TRIED), it would just be a sloppy average.
I've known women who were stronger than many men, I've known men who were more emotional than women. I've known women who wanted to go to war, I've known men who just wanted to stay home and raise the kids. Whenever you start making groups with BILLIONS of individuals in each, the results are going to be meaningless. You end up with generalizations that don't really apply to anyone.

To anyone who thinks men are better than women because we are stronger, I can find a woman who can kick your ass.
To anyone who thinks that women are better than men because you are more sensitive, I can find a gay guy who's a HELL of a lot more sensitive than you are.

I read an interview once with Australian comedic singer/songwriter Kevin Bloody Wilson in which he was asked if he was a Sexist.

He replied that of course he was. "I shag women and I don't shag men. That's sexual discrimination but its just the way I am"

Most people are similarly sexist. Although I sleep with both men and women, I do make certain assumptions about people when first meeting them. Strangely one of the first things I notice about them is their gender and before I've even gotten to know that person my brain is busy pattern matching that fact with previous observarions.

In a sexual scenario if the cute blonde is a bloke then often sex will be free of commitment and free of emotional entanglements. If she's a chick then she's unlikely to flash me her tits, drink me under the table and beat me at pool.

There are many exceptions: ladettes who would disprove the latter and new men to disprove the former but that is not the point.

All it boils down to is that if you hold your assumptions to have self evident truth you will be unlikely allow these literally exceptional people to enrich your life as fully as they could

If you are unaware that you are sexist then you will make assumptions that will have an effect of your life and the lives of people around and these will be assumptions that you that you cannot control.

If you have or seek a position of responsibility in society then society will not allow you to discriminate based on your personal unproven assumptions.

So look in the mirror and say it with me (girls too)

I am a Sexist.

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