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Sarcasm? Oh...


After a few years off, and about 500 nodes deleted, I'm excited about rejoining the community and contributing more hours of hard work writing and researching in order to write. It's fun to spend hours making writeups, and then have them be deleted for invalid reasons! Now don't get me wrong; I'm not here to cause trouble. I just really miss the community and its attitude, as well as the editors and gods! I wish I could explain to you the heart and soul I poured into the 500ish writeups that were deleted, but it's impossible. Just trust that I was once a brilliant writer and left a large chunk of myself here to be ripped apart and thrown into the trash can. When I was actively writing, content meant more than the paltry whims of the maintainers! Something went horribly wrong, however, and my nodes started disappearing. I followed suit. It's ok though now, because I'm back, and it's great! Until then, see also for my writing, and for my rambling! For now, I'll be seeing you often!

(updated last login date; consider the below in memory)

Wow. It's nice to be back. The monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey (yeah, that's it in my picture) thinks so too. Oh, I know it disappeared. That's what it does. Who knows? Maybe if you wait long enough it'll come back to you. Maybe at a pivotal point in the evolution of your intelligence as a species, eh? Ok, if you really can't see it, hold Shift and hit reload. It'll appear, but be wary...

Shoot me not snail mail sometime.

My quest to conquer Everything is coming along quite well, thanks to you kind folks out there, voting on my nodes as if they were good...or even interesting. Thanks again!

Nodes I made that I've been led to believe don't suck (in no particular order):

Nodes that I've added writeups to that I've been led to believe don't suck (in particular order):