The number 22 is significant in many systems of numerology, often called the Master Builder or Spiritual Master in Form.

This 'master number' includes all the attributes of the number 2, twice over, and also those of the 4. People who are 22s often find themselves feeling as if they live in two worlds, one which is overwhelmed by the mundane, and the other by the fantastic.

In the traditional Tarot, there are 22 major arcana cards (numbered 0-21, however, so it is a matter of interpretation whether The Fool or The World is card 22).

It is almost always associated with hard workers, a red-gold colour, and a rose-gold gemstone.

Interestingly, the root of the 22 is the 4, which is the number of hard work-- and the word "work" adds up to a 22.

(And no, I don't know much about numerology or number theory, I just like this number)

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