Name: José Antonio Domínguez Banderas
DoB: 10/08/60 - Malaga, Spain

Antonio Banderas is the latin face of Hollywood by excellencey, from humble beginings to the American Dream, this is how he made it.

As a young boy his passion for was for football. Unlike most otheer boys this passion did not die out as he grew, his skill and determination led him to the entertain the prospect of a professional sporting career. This dream was crushed when he suffered an accident and broke his foot at the age of 14 (1974).

Already commented on for his good looks and energy he delved into theatre. This passion led him to Madrid and at the age of 22 he landed a role as a gay terrorist in 'Laberintos de Passion' (Labyrinth's Of Passion), a film by the highly regarded director Pedro Almodovar.This part opened the doors for him to appear in a variety of different roles alongside well-known national artists such as Ana Belen, Cecilia Roth (All About My Mother) and Fernando Fernán Gómez.

In 1986 Almodovar cast him in the staring role of his new film Matador. This film was a hit with the viewing public and brought Antonio critical acclaim. His career from then on went from good to better. Now being recognised as one of Almodovar’s favourites he was not short of work. Up until the early nineties he remained one of Spain's favourite actors. His natural charm and ability to seduce the camera endeared him to women and men alike. His role in 1988 Almodovar comedy 'Mujeres al Borde De Un Atauqe de Nervios' (Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown) introduced him to fellow actress Ana Leza who he married that year.

For along time he remained an unknown out of his native borders, until Madonna developed a crush on him and told the world in her videomenatry In Bed With Madonna.
This attracted the attention of the producers of Pretty Woman and 9 1/2 Weeks, he was asked to star in their new film The Mambo Kings along aside Armand Asante as one of two Cuban immigrants in search of fame and the American Dream.
Antonio Banderas' dialogue was entirely phonetic since at this stage his English was less then fluent. After this film he went on to star along side Winona Ryder and Jeremy Irons in the big screen adaptation of Isabel Allende's epic 'Las Casa De Los Espiritus' (The House Of The Spirits). He then portrayed Tom Hanks' partner in Philadelphia. His breakthrough performance in Hollywood however is believed to be his portrayal of the theatrical vampire Armand in Interview With a Vampire.

Having surpased his Hollywood 'trial of fire' he has etablished himself well and truly in America allowing him to take the leading role in the kids’ movie Spy Kids (directed by Robert Rodriguez) and he has starred along side such stars as Madonna, Sylvester Stallone, Harry Dean Stanton, Salma Hayek and Anthony Hopkins.

His projects for 2001/2002 include:

He divorced from Ana Leza in 1996 after meeting and subsequently falling for Melanie Griffith on the set of comedy film 'Two Much'. He married Melaine the same year
He is also the owner of a perfume label that bears his name and markets the scent 'Diavolo'.
Shortly before filming The Mambo Kings he did an interview for a U.S. magazine. at this point his English left a lot to be desired. When asked how to he would liked to be addressed he replied that the reporter could call him 'Tony Flags'.
A few years ago he bought a lifetime season ticket for all of Malaga's football teams (Malaga C.F) games. He has recently aquired shares in the club and donates money regulary to them.
He also co-founded an old age home for actors in Madrid last year.

Filompgraphy as of 25/06/2001)
IMDB helped me with the names, times and the complete filmography
* - Denotes titles that I have translated and in some cases may be incorrect. Theese films have not been released outside of Spain that I am aware of. Please /msg me if I have made a mistake.

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