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Cecilia Roth become world-known with her superb Manuela character on All About My Mother, but she was very popular on spanish-speaking countries a lot before that, for being an Almodovar girl (All About My Mother, Pepi, Luci, Bom y otras chicas del montón, ¿Qué he hecho yo para merecer esto?, ...) and her marriage with singer/composer extraordinaire Fito Páez (let's not forget that her brother is Ariel Rot, an amazing musician).

interviewer: ...you know you're the envy of other men for being married to Cecilia Roth...
Fito Páez: Yeah, but she's mine. Fuck you
(from a Canal + interview)

I'm guessing here, but I believe Cecilia has sold her soul to the Devil for eternal beauty (or maybe Argentina's females are bound to be beautiful, check Valeria Mazza). She's over 40 now, and she still can play a porn star in the recent Una noche con Sabrina Love; check out the excellent Martin (Hache) where she's a big-time head turner. Her acting abilities are outstanding too, her hard-hitting coke-snorting Alicia in Martin (Hache) is perhaps even better than tortured Manuela in All About, watch both movies and have your say!

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 14 August, 1958. Filmography:

  1. Antigua vida mía (2001) .... Violeta Dasinski
  2. Una Noche con Sabrina Love (2000) .... Sabrina Love
  3. Segunda piel (1999) .... Eva
  4. Todo sobre mi madre (1999) .... Manuela
  5. Laura y Zoe (1998) .... Laura
  6. Cenizas del paraíso (1997) .... Judge Beatriz Teller
  7. Martín (Hache) (1997) .... Alicia
  8. Nueve lunas (1995) TV Series
  9. Caballos salvajes (1995)
  10. Desencuentros (1992)
  11. Un Lugar en el mundo (1992) .... Ana
  12. Yo, la peor de todas (1990) (voice) .... The voice of La Virreina
  13. Los Amores de Kafka (1988) .... Kafka's Sister
  14. Cudzoziemka (1987) .... Anita
  15. Extraños y amantes (1985) TV Series
  16. Todo va mal (1984) (TV)
  17. El Jardín secreto (1984) .... Paola
  18. ¿Qué he hecho yo para merecer esto? (1984) .... TV girl
  19. Entre tinieblas (1983) .... Merche
  20. El Señor Galíndez (1983)
  21. Best Seller (1982)
  22. Laberinto de pasiones (1982) .... Sexilia
  23. Pepe, no me des tormento (1981)
  24. Trágala, perro (1981)
  25. La Familia bien, gracias (1980)
  26. Pepi, Luci, Bom y otras chicas del montón (1980) .... Girl in "Bragas Ponte" TV add
  27. Arrebato (1979)
  28. Cuentos eróticos (1979)
  29. El Curso en que amamos a Kim Novak (1979) .... Cristina
  30. Las Verdes praderas (1979)
  31. De fresa, limón y menta (1977)

Filmography fetched from the IMDb

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