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Tenth song on Tool's Ænima (1996, Volcano Records), written by the band and produced, engineered, and mixed by David Botrill (as is the entire album). The entire song is spoken in German (with what I've read is an American accent1) by Marko Fox with repetitive whipping/factory machinery-like sounds in the background (and occasionally an audience cheering when Fox emphasises certain words). The song goes on for two minutes and seventeen seconds.

The German words translate to a recipe2 for something called "The Eggs of Satan" (the recipe, by the way, contains no eggs/keine eier) or "Satan's Balls." Rather than trying to give the fans a tasty (or not-so-tasty, I haven't tried making Satan's Balls myself) hash bakery recommendation, I think the point of the song is to show how people can get the wrong idea about things they don't understand. The song is in German and clearly contains a reference to Satan. People worried about this kind of thing may ignorantly jump to the conclusion that the song contains some sort of Nazi (for those of you who haven't paid much attention to the world since 1945, most Germans aren't Nazis and you're an ass for thinking so) and/or Satanic message (or maybe listening to it backwards will tell me that Paul D'Amour is dead, not that he left Tool to do other stuff).

This interpretation ties in with some themes about perception ("Stinkfist," "Hooker with a Penis," "Third Eye") and society or, more specifically, negative aspects of the behaviour of the masses to blindly follow ("Eulogy," "Useful Idiot,"3 "Ænema"). I'm not sure if Tool has ever said anything in an interview about this song (if so I haven't come across it but I, by no means, claim to have read even half the interviews with them) but even if they have it may not mean much anyway. Tool has a tendency to make shit up that is ridiculous enough to draw attention but not so inane as to be obvious bullshit (this is, at the very least, fun and sometimes a way to get people to think).

1I don't remember where I read this but after reading it I could tell. Before that it did sound odd to me but I couldn't quite figure out why. I suppose being American myself I wouldn't immediately recognise exactly what was odd about a similar accent speaking something other than English.
2I assume it's not something poisonous because likely someone has made some and there haven't been any Tool-tried-to-kill-me/make-me-sick/cause-irreversible-psychological-damage/kill-my-sperm lawsuits that I know of.
3This is based on the (origin of the) title of "Useful Idiot" (there are no lyrics), which is a Soviet term for someone who followed the government unquestionably.

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