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Porn of the week: June 18th-24th

Christine (Tiffany Mynx), the daughter of a Senator, is writing her masters thesis in psychology. Her subject is compulsive behavior, sexual compulsive beahvior to be exact. In conducting "extensive research" she is forced to confront her family's mysterious past and her own deep, nasty sexual obsessions.

Also starring: Teri Diver, Debi Diamond, Anna Malle, Sharon Kane, and a special appearance by Tyffany Million.

Features of interest:
the opening heterosexual couple scene is excellant.
Extremely well done lesbian scene

Lameness factor:
The whole perverted Senator theme is extremely lame. Fast forward through these parts, they're just not worth your time.

Recommended Audience:
Heterosexual Men and Women

Featured Acts:
Anal Sex
Double Penetration
"First Time" Lesbian Experience
Note: This is one of the few movies that I, being a straight woman, have enjoyed. If you're a straight woman and you're looking for a movie to watch with your SO this is a good choice.

This porn of the week is brought to you by the letter O: Porn=Good.

June 25th-July 1st Porn of the week: Parlor Games

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