For Kilted Nutmeggers, and perhaps some of their women:

Connecticut General Assembly in 1995 as the official tartan of the state: A plaid, with large blue stripes representing Long Island Sound, large green stripes representing forest, medium gray stripes representing granite, red and yellow pin stripes representing autumn leaves and white pin stripes representing snow.

The white pin stripes shall be located within every other gray stripe and shall be offset from the center. The thread ratio for the tartan shall be: Blue-10, gray-2, white-1, gray-5, green-8, yellow-1, green-2, red-1, green-8, gray-8 and blue-10.

As someone who wondered in childhood why Canada should have the Maple Tree as a symbol (which every schoolyard and neighborhood had at least one of), and we the Eagle (which I, as a birder, had almost never seen outside of a zoo), this is very moving. However, I may quibble, we have a lot better rocks than mere granite to our name: where I am, towards the shore, we have basalt billions of years old, some gold, now and then, and also pitchblende enough to fuel a warm spring. But granite will do.

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