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This is a game similar to traditional Uno, played by a group of people without Uno cards.

The game is played as follows:
  • Everyone who is playing forms a circle.
  • Someone volunteers to start, and says a word.
  • The person to the left must say a different word that either:
    • Rhyme with the previous word.(think: same color)
      • Example: bat -> hat -> cat
    • Contain the previous word, but be an entirely different word. (think: same number)
      • Example: cat -> concatenate
    • Qualify for both of the above.
        Example: nation -> internationalization
  • The person on their left must now do the same, and on around the circle.
  • If someone says a word that rhymes with the previous word and contains it, the direction of play reverses. (think: reverse)
    If someone cannot continue, they must step out of the circle. The last person in the circle wins.

    A note on random words:
    At any point where a player chooses a word not related to a previous word (ie: at the beginning of the game), that word must have other words that rhyme with it. Starting a game with 'orange' just isn't fun, after all.

    A note on additional rules:
    There are many ways to adapt Conversational Uno. Some people may use palindromes as wild cards. Others may have special rules about winning games. Some people also require you to make up a sentance with your word at the end. (those people usually play when they get bored at partys, and don't want to offend their hosts) Be sure to check house rules before you start.

    Thanks to Juuichiketajin for the 'nation' example

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