User: "I can't get to the server, but Bob can. The server must be down..."

User: "I was running this cool security scanner I downloaded against the server and…"

User: "What do you mean I can’t have a blank password?! The last admin did it all the time!"

Manager: "We didn't budget for maintenance, work this instead..."

Manager: "We'll fix that Friday if it has'nt crashed by then..."

Manager: "I think we should skip the UPS and jukebox for the backup, and invest in a 21" monitor for the console instead..."

Manager: "I need you to give Joe hotshot root access. He said he could help you configure the server better..."

Manager: "You know, all this security crap is hampering our productivity..."

Manager: "What do you mean we were hacked? Why did you let that happen?!"

Manager: "I've decided to switch us to NT… This magazine says it’s much more reliable..."

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