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Children's entertainers for decades have not only strived to entertain but educate little guys and gals. Lovable and cuddly characters like Big Bird, Barney and Bugs Bunny have become adored in the hearts of children and adults worldwide, but in this postmodern age of bullying, gun violence, and high-profile graffiti artists like Shephard Fairey and Banksy, we need a hero to teach kids that these things are wrong and "not cool", we need...Cool Cat!

Cool Cat?

You mean the forgettable 1960s Looney Tunes character who gained infamy as a running gag on the 90s Kids' WB! show, The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries? No!

Oh, I know, the raspy-voiced bongo player who played with Dirty Dog and Chicky Baby in the Pee-Wee's Playhouse band? No!

A six-foot-tall feline who wears a shirt that says "Cool Cat", simulates masturbation when he gets excited, and proudly proclaims that he "loves all kids"? Yes!


In 2010, famed Hollywood director/author/Playgirl centerfold Derek Savage introduced a series of books featuring his ground-breaking creation "Cool Cat".

In 2015, he released the cinematic masterpiece "Cool Cat Saves The Kids". From the start, Savage's direct-to-DVD opus (sold via Ebay and Amazon), was destined to be a classic, alongside such other modern triumphs of cinematic art such as Birdemic and The Room. After its release, YouTube channel Your Movie Sucks posted a review, which made the movie well-known.

The basic premise:

Cool Cat lives in a Los Angeles suburb with "Daddy" Derek (Savage, himself) and Mommy Cat (who suspiciously looks like Cool Cat in drag). 

Cool Cat is running for school president and gets to ride in the Hollywood Christmas Parade, but a fat kid named "Butch the Bully" is making life miserable for not only him but his friends, the other neighborhood children and celebrity cameos Erik Estrada and Vivica A. Fox.

Butch's reign of terror includes sending harassing text and Facebook messages, telling some kids that no one loves to graffiti the neighborhood, stealing candy from babies, stealing lunch money, kicking sand in faces, and laughing maniacally!

Cool Cat, with help from "Daddy" Derek and his friends, learns to stand up to Butch, who gets arrested after he brings a gun to school. 


The aftermath:

Savage loved YMS's review despite it being negative and pointing out flaws, which Savage noticed and fixed. Derek invited Adam Johnson, the man behind the YMS to cameo in his next project, a gun-safety video. Then several months later, several other YouTube reviewers, including I Hate Everything. After the IHE review, Savage stopped being nice and threatened legal action against negative reviews, inciting copyright infringment. Adam Johnson's cameo in the gun-safety film was also deleted. The poor quality of the original film and Savage's hissy fit, has made both him and his film famous (for all the wrong reasons!)

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