Making Art with copy machines aka Xerography. The copy machine was invented by Chester F. Carlson. Its potential for modifying images was quickly discovered by some artists. It was used by Andy Warhol in his Illustration work before he became a pop-artist.

In 1968 the first Color Copier was produced. At that time artist Sonia Sheridan began working with the 3M Company to produce work on this new machine. Among the early practitioners of Copy art are , Bern Porter, Barbara Astman, Marisa Gonzalez, Joan Lyons, Dinar Dar, Sarah Jackson, Jurgen O. Olbrich

Early copy artist Ginny Lloyd organized the Copy Art Exhibition in San Francisco, California in 1979. The exhibit introduced to the art world a variety of copier prints, artistamps, postcards, artists books, 3D works and a billboard. She made this billboard using a black and white copier with several artists participating and went on to make two more billboards - one in black and white of rubber stamp art and one of color copies.

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