1926-1987 French artist.

Associated with the Fluxus movement, Performance Art, Artist books, mail art and Video Art. He along with George Brecht coined the term "Eternal Network".

He collaborated a lot with George Brecht, they also came up with the idea of celebrating Art's Birthday; a celebration of the birth of Art. The first such celebration took place in Aachen, Germany on January 17, 1963. Friend of Dick Higgins. Spent time in several Canadian artist run centres such as the Western Front where he was artist in residence.

Artists who worked with and/or collaborated with Robert Filliou include:

Some of his work was published by Something Else Press:

  • "An Annotated Topography of Chance"
  • "Games at Cedilla, or the Cedilla Takes Off"
  • "Ample Food for Stupid Thought" - 1965
His work is in the permanent collection of:

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