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Cormoran was a giant who lived on St Michael's Mount, an island that lies just offshore from the village of Marazion near Penzance on the south coast of Cornwall. There are many that say that it was Cormoran who built St Michael's Mount by dragging stones from the mainland and piling them up until he had.

Cormoran was a bad sort as giants go and drove the local inhabitants to distraction by his constant forays on the mainland. He would wade ashore from his island redoubt and stomp about the countryside stealing cattle and generally making a nuisance of himself. The locals wanted rid of Cormoran and so they offered a reward to anyone who would do so. Up stepped a farmer's son by the name of Jack who decided he would have a go. Jack dug a great pit near the village of Morvah which he then disguised by placing tree trunks and bales of straw over the opening.

Jack then went off to St Michael's Mount to find Cormoran, whom he greatly annoyed by waking with a loud blast from his horn. The peeved giant chased after Jack and fell into the pit. Jack then filled the pit with earth trapping Cormoran within and bringing his reign of terror to an end.

If you go to the churchyard in Morvah you can find a large stone which is said to mark Cormoran's Grave. Some even say that if you listen carefully you can hear the sound of the giant breathing beneath.

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