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Cornish Rex cats are literally a mutated cat who has become a desirable and elite breed. They have only one layer of hair that lays flat against their skin. the hair is baby soft throughout their life and often curls slightly. Petting a rex is like running your hand across soft fuzzy crushed velvet. Because of their coat many people who suffer from cat allergies can tolerate rex cats. Whats nice for everyone is that rex cats hardly shed, so you wont have to de-fur your clothes before leaving the house.

More important then the physical features of rex cats (there are also Devon rexes which are very similar) are there great personalities. Anyone who claims to dislike cats should give rex cats a try. They are extremely active and playful. rex cats can easily be taught to fetch toys and even walk on leashes. rex cats also form a dog like loyalty to there owners. They are extremely interested in what their "parents" are doing and will often follow you around to investigate your activities. nothing confounds them more then their humans activities on a computer.

The only downsides to owning a rex is that they can never be an outside cat (their coats aren't sufficient to keep them warm outside) and the initial cost (anywhere from $350-600 for a pet quality rex.)

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