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A 1974 Album by Canadian Singer/Songwriter Joni Mitchell. She is one of the best female songwriters ever. I always seem to identify with what she's singing about in her songs. Court and Spark is very folky, even jazzy, with lots of acoustic guitar and piano. Most of the songs have the same tone, bar "Raised On Robbery", which has a funky thing going on. The songs are diverse yet flowing, and at one point, go into a mini-medley.
For example, "Car on a Hill" talks about being stood up, and "Same Situation" talks about going thorough an ongoing cycle of hurting yourself in relationships. "Trouble Child" breaks out of the love-song set, and "Free Man in Paris" talks about escaping the pressures of fame in a way that isn’t repetitive or corny.
Court and Spark is one of the most original and outstanding albums by a female songwriter ever. It was released in January of 1974 by Asylum Records.

Track Listing:

1. Court And Spark
2. Help Me
3. Free Man In Paris
4. People's Parties
5. Same Situation
6. Car On A Hill
7. Down To You
8. Just Like This Train
9. Raised On Robbery
10. Trouble Child
11. Twisted

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