This is an old recipe for bubble bath, with simple ingredients that will render the very Platonic form of bubble bath in the privacy of your own home. Unlike pink bubble bath bought in the store, this bubble bath makes a lush, thick cloud of creamy bubbles that will last as long as you want to be in the tub. The perfect bubble bath is layered like a parfait: hot, fragrant water on the bottom, rich foamy bubbles that soap up when massaged into the skin in the middle, and a fine lace of light bubbles on top (which can be blown hither and yon like fragrant wisps of dissipating dreamstuff, like milkthistle, as the whimsy takes you). You, of course, are nestled into this heavenly concoction like a cherry in whipped cream, or a biscotti in hot chocolate. Speaking of which, you might want some cherries, whipped cream, biscotti, and hot chocolate. As the experts will tell you, the right delicacies can only serve to augment and amplify your hot bubble bliss.

Revive the tradition of the Sunday night bath at your house. Taken just before bedtime, a bubble bath is a near-guarantee of an angelic night's sleep.

Serves one bath:

Mix gelatin packets into soap, add glycerin and egg white, whip lightly with a fork, and pour under running water. It works best to mix this bath elixir up fresh every time.

Note: Bath water should be 90-100 degrees Fahrenheit. A bath over 100 degrees can dry out skin, dilate and burst tiny capillaries, and make you feel very tired. And anything under 90 degrees is going to feel tepid. Tepid bubble baths are pointless. You can use a thermometer to check the water if you have one on hand.

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